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We love food, and we love restaurants. So, when the chance to put together a new extension of the Virginia is for Lovers brand came up, we jumped on the opportunity to create Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers.

A little background…

Virginia is for Lovers is one of the most iconic and recognizable of all tourism brands in the world. Created in 1969, the logo recently celebrated its 50th birthday, and still, to this day, represents all the great things about the state.

With the help and support of the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC), the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging and Travel Association worked to design the Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers logo in 2019 to promote and support Virginia’s restaurant industry.


In recent years, Virginia has gained more recognition for great food and great restaurants. Various localities around the state are fast becoming food and dining destinations, and many restaurants are being recognized on the national and international stage.

“From the coast to the mountains, Virginia has some of the finest restaurants anywhere in America,” said Rita McClenny, President of the VTC. “Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers will remind all Virginians about the fantastic food options right in our backyard and how important they are to localities and their citizens.”

The $18.1 billion industry supports over 14,000 restaurants and is responsible for 378,000+ jobs (9% of total employment) in Virginia. “VRLTA represents hundreds of restaurant owners and their employees who work hard every day to provide quality dining experiences,” said Eric Terry, President of VRLTA. “One of our goals for [Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers] is to build more restaurant collaboration and recognition to benefit the industry as a whole, which will lead to increased advocacy at the state and local levels, greater access to workforce resources, and, of course, more dining customers.”

More information on the restaurant industry in Virginia and nationwide

Who can use the logo?

The logo is available to any Virginia restaurant, but you must request usage rights from the Virginia Tourism Corporation and follow their usage guidelines. In addition, VTC does not grant permission to produce merchandise with the “Virginia is for Lovers” logo, word mark, sub-brand logos, or any variation of such. VTC has a contract with Target Marketing to produce all merchandise carrying the Virginia is for Lovers marks. VRLTA has created a few items initially that you can order through the Association.

Want to use the logo? 

Want to review the logo usage policy? – Note, use the link above to request usage, not the link in the Logo Usage Policy document

Want to order Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers merchandise?

Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers

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The Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers logo was created to represent all the great things about the restaurant industry in the state. And, this website was created to be a go-to resource for restaurant owners, managers, and employees to get all the information you need – about what’s going on in the industry, news and recognition, ways your business can grow and save, the current legal and regulatory issues and impacts, and more.

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